Major Breakthrough in the JFK Assassination:

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San Jose, California, February 11, 2015, for immediate release

Major Breakthrough Claimed in the JFK Assassination: San Jose California researcher/writer transmits alleged new evidence to the White House showing JFK was hit by all three shots and the likely location of the “Lost Bullet.”

LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/12/2015) – Following up on his public disclosure to the Dallas FBI in December 2014 of what he contends is irrefutable photographic proof showing exactly what happened in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 p.m., November 23, 1963,” occasional researcher/writer and full time environmental scientist/engineer Brian T. Kelleher is forwarding to President Obama much the same information under cover of this press release. Specifically he is sending him the URL of the web site he has just created and one of the 100 illustrations in his book. The web site includes repetitive-loop film clips showing all the “visual shot identifiers” that are brought to light in Kelleher’s just published print-on-demand book. The web pages begin with an Introduction/Summary that provides a detailed explanation of why the new evidence is aptly considered irrefutable. The following provides a brief summary.

Re: The Complete Unraveling of the JFK Assassination and A book and related web site that collectively provide the most definitive and important evidence in the case that has ever been brought to light: “visual shot identifiers.”

Dear President Obama:

A few years back, I decided to throw my hat into the ring and applied my two-plus decades of experience as a neutral court consultant in evaluating the evidence in the JFK case. I was surprised to find that the government investigators and everyone else had overlooked what is without question the most important and definitive evidence in the case with respect to shot sequence, effects and source.

In extracting and carefully examining a powerful and dramatic new line of photographic evidence from the assassination films that I refer to as “visual shot identifiers,” I found that the government investigators reached, to a considerable degree, the wrong conclusions in these areas, except with respect to the location of the shooter. I am of the opinion that these unfortunate errors are the root cause of the ongoing controversy that has engulfed the JFK assassination and plagued the nation since the first government reports were issued in 1963/1964. I felt compelled to do something about it.

Accordingly, I am asking for your kindly and timely assistance in making sure the “visual shot identifier” evidence that I have brought to light with considerable time and effort is taken into careful consideration by a reluctant U.S. Department of Justice. In particular, I am respectfully requesting that you send the attached summary information to the current director of the FBI and/or to anyone else that you see fit. Please ask them to take an objective close look at the alleged new visual evidence and report back to you.

In considering this request, please bear in mind that my claim is that the evidence of three shots hitting the president from the rear is irrefutable and that this claim is coming from someone who has made his living in large part as a neutral court consultant. I have concluded the evidence is irrefutable for the following reasons: (1) within the three key assassination film sequences (Zapruder, Nix, and Muchmore) that have the presidential limo in view from Zapruder frames (Z frames) Z333 through Z335, the keen-eyed observer will find that every person in camera view (collectively 17 different people) darted their heads to the left or right or flinched within this same miniscule 0.15-second interval; (2) the only viable explanation for the concurrent turning of seventeen heads within this miniscule interval is the onset of involuntary auditory reflex reactions in response to ballistic shock-waves concurrently reaching their ears a split second before; (3) the scientific literature establishes the start of the auditory reflex reaction time at 0.15 second plus or minus about 0.05 second which falls within the interval of 3 Z frames (0.14 second to mid point) plus or minus one frame (0.055 second); (4) it so happens that the same three film sequences show the president’s head jolting 3-inches forward commencing at Z330 which is exactly three Z frames before the onset of the auditory reflex reactions; and (5) this jolting forward at Z330 occurs amidst the discernable forward and rearward jettisons of whitish fluids from the cowlick area, some of which can be seen in all three films landing on the lid of the trunk from Z331 to Z335. With reluctance, I have attached Figure 8 from the Complete Unraveling . . . to demonstrate the dramatic nature and strength of the recently discovered visual evidence.

The “visual shot identifiers” I refer to above among others are shown in repetitive-loop film clips at As explained in The Complete Unraveling . . .” the key eyewitness testimony and wound ballistics evidence provides overwhelming support for this alternative shooting sequence.

I have just self published via The Complete Unraveling of the JFK Assassination: A Lost Bullet’s Deadly Trail. It is currently available as a print-on-demand soft-bound book at the minimum price allowable. I quickly withdrew from Google Play what I now consider a first draft ebook that went on line in late December 2014 and sold no views in the brief time it was available.


Brian T. Kelleher, Principal, Kelleher & Associates Environmental Mgmt LLC, San Jose, CA;;; 408-677-3307.

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